Study Notes – Compound Protocol (v2)

Here is a list of resources that helped me learn about Compound Finance version 2 DeFi protocol: Introduction: Code walk-through: Code Sample:

Deep Dive: Upgradeable Smart Contracts

This post is a deep dive into the upgrade patterns for Smart Contracts targeted for Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVM). To understand this post you would need at least a beginner level understanding of Solidity, Hardhat and Ethers.js library. The topics we will explore are: Upgradable Smart Contracts: The Why? Smart contracts are immutable i.e., their … Read more

Hello World or How I learned Solidity Security Principles

This is a list of resources that I used in my journey towards learning about Ethereum, Solidity and its security landscape: If you are like me and want to begin by learning about blockchain fundamentals then start with this intro: For a deep dive into Ethereum, read the first 6 chapters of the Mastering … Read more