EIP-712 and Gasless Transactions

Imagine you have a shiny new startup that lets your customers pay via ERC20 tokens. Now for each purchase, the customer needs to hold not only the tokens but also some Ether to pay for the gas. Gas-less or meta-transactions provide a way for users to be able to make such transactions without paying for … Read more

Study Notes – Compound Protocol (v2)

Here is a list of resources that helped me learn about Compound Finance version 2 DeFi protocol: Introduction: https://learn.bybit.com/defi/what-is-compound-crypto/ https://zengo.com/understanding-compounds-liquidation/ https://medium.com/mycrypto/learning-about-supplying-borrowing-with-compound-a2ca4eef7d6c Code walk-through: https://medium.com/compound-finance/supplying-assets-to-the-compound-protocol-ec2cf5df5aa https://medium.com/compound-finance/borrowing-assets-from-compound-quick-start-guide-f5e69af4b8f4 https://cryptomarketpool.com/compound-finance-liquidation-bot/ Code Sample: https://github.com/AaruniU/Compound-DeFi-Protocol-v2

Deep Dive: Upgradeable Smart Contracts

This post is a deep dive into the upgrade patterns for Smart Contracts targeted for Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVM). To understand this post you would need at least a beginner level understanding of Solidity, Hardhat and Ethers.js library. The topics we will explore are: Upgradable Smart Contracts: The Why? Smart contracts are immutable i.e., their … Read more

Hello World or How I learned Solidity Security Principles

This is a list of resources that I used in my journey towards learning about Ethereum, Solidity and its security landscape: If you are like me and want to begin by learning about blockchain fundamentals then start with this intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_160oMzblY8 For a deep dive into Ethereum, read the first 6 chapters of the Mastering … Read more